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Potting Mix (Premium) - Soil Bins

Here at P L A N T B A S E we like to do our best for the environment.

Reusable storage bins is the next generation to reduce the need for plastic bags for soil transportation. Place a $15 deposit charge on any soil bins, and simply exchange the bin for a full one on your next visit. WASTE-FREE, MESS-FREE, & EASY STORAGE.

Premium Potting Mix

Contents: Pine Bark, bark fiber, coco fiber, 7mm pumice, lime & dolomite, gypsum, wetting agent, & 8/9 month slow release fertilizer. Added magnesium, iron, & trace elements.
Additional: It is pH adjusted with Lime and Dolomite, added Calcium from Gypsum, contains Penetraide® wetting agent, Magri-Trace for extra Magnesium, Iron and Trace Elements, Nursery - a slow release starter fertiliser and Osmocote® Total 8/9 Month - a premium controlled release fertiliser.

Description: Daltons Premium Potting Mix is a blend of high-quality ingredients and fertilisers designed specifically for growing indoor and outdoor plants in containers. Daltons Premium Potting Mix can also be used as a garden soil amendment when planting garden beds or ornamental shrubs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Made from renewable resources
  • Has a proven commercial history
  • Consistent quality backed by the Daltons Quality Assurance Programme

Analysis Results

Product AFP WHC pH Range Bulk Density (ton per m3)
 GB Mix 22%* 55%* 5.8-6.4* 0.650**

*Note: Typical analysis. Results can vary.
**Note: Weight may vary depending on moisture content

Storage Bin Information

We have 3 sizes available; 20L, 35L, & 50L.

Heavy duty storage container designed for professional trade and garage storage. It features large comfortable cut out handles, a reinforced base, a lockable self draining dual hinging lid and roller wheels.

Soil Type Information

We have 4 different soil mediums to choose from; Premium Potting Mix, Pumice, Coconut Coir, and Sphagnum Moss.

Pick Up in Albany, Auckland or delivery within Auckland (delivery fee).

Planting can be provided at extra cost. Please enquire: plantbase@mail.com