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Giant Bird of Paradise - Strelitzia Nicolai

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A large banana-like leaf plant with white flowers that resemble a bird in shape. Requires little attention, water when soil becomes dry. Water more frequently in summer for faster growth. 

Care Guide

Origin: South Africa.

Botanical name: Strelitzia Nicolai

Family: Strelitziaceae.

Suitable: Outdoor.

Max height: 6m.

Pet Friendly: Toxic. Seeds of the plant and its leaves can be toxic to pets if ingested.

Water: Moderate. Keep soil moist but avoid over-watering.

Light: Indirect Sun / Partial Shade. Bright filtered light.

Temperature: 16° - 28°C. Ideal warm temperatures.

Humidity: Medium / High. 50 - 70%.

Soil: Well draining potting mix.

Fertilizer: Once a month in spring & summer.

Plant Size

Small: > 50cm.

Large: 80cm - 1m

XL: 1m - 1.2m

XXL: 1.5m - 2m