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Kentia Palm

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Kentia Palm

 A beautiful and popular house plant native to Australia.

Origin: Australia.

Botanical name: Howea forsteriana.

Family: Arecaceae.

Suitable: Indoor / Outdoor.

Max height: 12m.

Toxins removed: N/A.

Pet Friendly: Non-toxic.

Plant Care Guide

 Water: Moderate. Water when soil becomes almost dry.

Light: Bright Indirect Light / Partial Shade.

Temperature: 18° - 27°C. Ideal room temperatures.

Humidity: Medium / High. 40 - 70%.

Soil: Good drainage potting mix. 5.5 - 6.5 ph.

Fertilizer: Once a week in spring & summer.

 Plant Size

Small+: Slightly smaller than photo

Small: 40cm tall (single)

Medium: 70cm tall (Single)

Large (Single): 1.5m tall+ Single 25L Planter Bag

Large: 1-1.5m tall (tripple planted) 8.5L Pot

Large+: One size up tripple planted 15L pot

Larger sizes available upon request.