Begonia - Orange

Begonia - Orange

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Begonia - Angel Wing

The leaves and flowers of begonia plants grow out of these joints. Angel wing begonias have large, “angel wing” shaped, dark green leaves, often with metallic silver specks. The underside of the plant leaf is usually a deep red.

Origin: South-America.

Botanical name: Begonia aconitifolia × Begonia coccinea.

Family: Begoniaceae.

Suitable: Indoor.

Max height: 61cm.

Toxins removed: N/A.

Pet Friendly: Midly-toxic. 


Plant Care Guide

 Water: Moderate. Allow soil to dry out before watering.

    Light: Indirect bright sun-light / Part Shade. Avoid direct sun.

        Temperature: 18.3 - 23.9°C. Ideal warmer temperatures.

        Humidity:  Medium - High. 40 - 60%.

        Soil: Good drainage potting mix.

        Fertilizer: Once every fortnight in spring & summer.

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