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Cissus Antarctica - Kangaroo vine

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Cissus Antarctica (Kangaroo vine) is an ornamental houseplant. It is one of the best-known species of the genus Cissus in the family of Vitaceae. Kangaroo vine can grow 2-3m tall indoors trained upwards or in a hanging basket. Kangaroo vine is a tender, tendril-forming, evergreen climber with broadly ovate, leathery, glossy, toothed, dark green leaves (up to 4 inches long) and, from spring into summer, insignificant cymes of small, green flowers followed by spherical, black fruit.

Care Guide

Botanical name: Cissus Antarctica

Family: Vitaceae.

Suitable: Indoor & Outdoor

Max height: 2-3m tall.

Water: Water the kangaroo vine plant regularly during the growing season, allow the top 0.4 inch of soil to dry out before watering again. Avoid over-watering this plant in Winter, otherwise, parts of the plant may rot.

    Light: Partial Sun / Partial Shade. Bright light but avoid direct sun.

        Temperature: 10 - 30ºC. Ideal warmer temperatures.

        Humidity: Medium to High. 60%+. Gently mist leaves once or twice a week.

        Soil: Good drainage potting mix. pH between mild acidic to mild alkaline.

        Fertilizer: Once a month in growing season, spring & summer.