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Ctenanthe Lubbersiana Variegata

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An evergreen shrub, this plant is always showing generous foliage. You will observe many similar traits with other species of prayer plants.

Care Guide

Origin:  Brazil

Botanical name: Ctenanthe lubbersiana

Family: Marantaceae.

Suitable: Indoor

Max height: 2m

Toxins removed: N/A.

Pet Friendly: Midly-toxic.

Water: Moderate. Keep the soil slightly moist; do not allow the soil to dry out.

Light: Indirect sun-light. Leaves will be damaged in direct sun.

Temperature: 15 - 27ºC. Ideal room temperature.

Humidity:   High. 60%+.

Soil: Good drainage potting mix..

Fertilizer: Lightly. Once a month in spring & summer.