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Ctenanthe - Golden Mosaic

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Ctenanthe Lubbersiana, also known as Golden Mosaic or the Brazilian Snow plant is known for its striking green and yellow foliage. To encourage the plant to keep producing its bright colours, make sure it's getting enough bright indirect light.

Care Guide

Origin: Brazil

Botanical name: Ctenanthe Lubbersiana

Family: Marantaceae.

Suitable: Indoor.

Max height: 121cm.

Pet Friendly: Mildly toxic.

 Water: Moderate. Keep the soil slightly moist; do not allow the soil to dry out. Give small amounts of water regularly to avoid overwatering.

    Light: Indirect sunlight. Leaves will be damaged in direct sun.

        Temperature: 15°C - 27°C. Ideal room temperature.

        Humidity: High. 60%+. Mist leaves twice a week or leave plant in a pebble tray with water.

        Soil: Good drainage potting mix. 6.1 - 6.5 ph. Neutral.

        Fertilizer: Once a month in spring & summer.