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Ethos Virgin Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is an effective skin hydrator, it contains antimicrobial fatty acids, and its plant active polyphenols have skin regenerating properties.


THIS rare, silky-smooth virgin coconut oil is hand-made in the traditional way from fresh coconut milk.

The unique processing method of hand-squeezing, natural fermentation & aging means it is extra rich in skin-nourishing, antioxidant-rich plant actives like ferulic, gallic & caffeic acids.

Research suggests that virgin coconut oil may aid repair of mild skin irritations, help prevent free radical skin damage, & maintain skin cell water-ion balance.

In time honoured tradition, each litre of coconut oil takes 13 coconuts & two days to make by hand.


WE directly support the livelihood of family coconut growers through direct-trade relationships, paying double the price for hand-picked, organically village-grown coconuts.

100% of the profits from our virgin coconut oil goes to the sustainable development of poor communities in Kampot & growing Ethos so we can scale our social impact.

Glass packaging for infinite recyclability.