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Jaboticaba - Brazilian Grapetree

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A cauliflorous tree meaning that the flowers and fruits grow directly from the trunks and large branches of the tree rather than from stems. They may be found in small clusters or individually up and down the trunk of the Jabuticaba tree. The fruit has a round shape and will turn from bright green when immature to dark purple when fully ripe giving it an appearance similar to that of a concord grape.

Care Guide

Origin: Arabian peninsula.

Botanical name: Plinia cauliflora.

Family: Myrtaceae.

Suitable: Outdoor

Max height: 8m.

Pet Friendly: Is okay for dogs to consume. But be cautious; peel off the fruit's skin since it contains a high level of tannin, which can cause toxicity in dogs.

Water: Keep the soil moist, particularly during periods of new leaf growth, flowering and fruiting, as drought stress can reduce the harvest.

Light: Likes partial to full sun

Temperature: 15 - 32°C. Ideal warm temperatures.

Humidity: Low to Medium. 35 - 40%.

Soil: Prefers rich, slightly acidic soil high in organic matter.

Fertilizer: Once a month in growing season, spring & summer.