Philodendron - Fat Boy
Philodendron - Fat Boy
Philodendron - Fat Boy

Philodendron - Fat Boy

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Philodendron - Fat boy

Fat Boy Philodendrons have long, thick, flask like stems with gorgeous green leaves. They like a warm spot with bright indirect light and don't need a huge amount of water. These are such a different looking indoor plant and brilliant for any collection.

Origin: Brazil

Botanical name: Philodendron martianum.

Family: Araceae.

Suitable: Indoor & Outdoor.

Max height: 80cm.

Toxins removed: N/A.

Pet Friendly: Toxic.

Plant Care Guide

 Water: Minimal. Let soil nearly dry out before watering.

    Light: Indirect sun-light. Leaves will be damaged in direct sun.

        Temperature: 15°C - 27°C. Ideal room temperature.

        Humidity:  Medium - High. 40 - 60%. Mist leaves once a week.

        Soil: Well draining potting mix.

        Fertilizer: Once a month in spring & summer.

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