Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

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Rubber Plant

The Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica) could be the ideal houseplant for you if you want a tough but easy going indoor plant that can reach staggering heights within just a few years. The shiny glossy leaves look great in most homes and although young plants start off small they will fill the space in an empty corner quickly.

Origin: South-East Asia.

Botanical name: Ficus elastica.

Family: Moraceae.

Suitable: Indoor / Outdoor.

Max height: 30m.

Toxins removed: N/A.

Pet Friendly: Toxic. 


Plant Care Guide

 Water: Moderate. Let soil dry before watering.

    Light: Indirect sun / bright light . Leaves will be damaged in direct sun.

        Temperature: 15\ - 24°C. Ideal room temperature.

        Humidity: Normal. Average room humidity. 40 - 50%.

        Soil: Well draining potting mix.

        Fertilizer: Once a month in spring & summer.

         Plant Size

        Larger sizes available on request