String of Watermelons
String of Watermelons

String of Watermelons

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String of Watermelons

The string of watermelon is very drought tolerant when established, don't ever let it sit in water. Always use a very draining potting mix and feed in summer.

Origin: Southwestern Africa.

Botanical name: Senecio Herreianus.

Family: Asteraceae.

Suitable: Indoor.

Max spread: 1.5m.

Toxins removed: N/A.

Pet Friendly: Midly-toxic. 


Plant Care Guide

 Water: Minimum. Let soil dry before watering.

    Light: Indirect sun-light. Bright light exposure to grow successfully.

        Temperature: 21°C - 26°C. Ideal room temperatures.

        Humidity: Medium. 50 - 60%. Mist plant once a week, don't over water.

        Soil: Good drainage potting mix. 6.6 - 7.5 ph. Slighty alkaline.

        Fertilizer: Once a week in spring & summer.

         Plant Size

        Small: 10cm<.

        Medium: 10cm+.